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Why Rent Lasers?
Medical Laser
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No Commitment
Back rooms and closets are full of systems that physicians purchased and later regretted. Or, perhaps they were blindsided by the cost of renewing a service contract. The sad truth is that many are probably still paying for them. If things don’t go as planned or technology shifts, our rental programs allow you to adjust or even cancel with minimal notice.
Best Wavelength for the Condition
We provide systems that have the power and wavelength that best match a specified condition. This will result in a superior clinical outcome and the highest patient satisfaction. Other systems make claims to work on a broad spectrum of conditions, but they typically will be less effective and ascribe to a lesser standard. 
Laser Where and When you Need it
Rarely do you need a system full time, and we have placement programs if that fits your needs. More commonly, it is efficient to group your patients together for a “Laser Day” once or twice a month. Or, you may have a Satellite Office that you also want to offer treatments. Rental allows you to be flexible and mobile.
Experienced Personnel
Our laser techs each have several years experience across many medical disciplines. While we are not allowed to perform treatments, this experience can be an invaluable resource in counseling with you and your staff on clinical applications and areas such as marketing and promotion.
Choose a Program that Best fits your Need

Daily Rental - You call in advance and we deliver and set-up the laser or lasers at your facility. Usually for a 1/2-day or full day at a time. An experienced tech will usually stay to assist you in operating the systems.

Block Time - Same as a daily rental but you schedule out specific days or weeks each month in advance. Still no commitment, but more convenient for routine scheduling of patients .

Placement - You keep the equipment full time and we bill you monthly. All service inclusive.

Purchase - Depending on availability, we also offer used equipment for those that prefer to own their equipment.